Luuk Leijtens

Contemporary artist


Colours on the wall, make a room have impact and feel desirable; they always gives away a certain perception.

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When there is an outcome between appearance and that which appears; the manner which allows us to understand the relationship between the self and the world holds tremendous form of imagination.

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Who I am as an artist.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been obsessed with creating art through intuition. I love letting my imagination run wild and seeing where it takes me. When I start a new painting or sculpture, I’m not too worried about the composition – I just let the points and lines grow until something magical emerges.

Sometimes it’s a space, other times it’s a figure, and occasionally it’s a natural or supernatural representation that I never could have predicted. It’s like a surprise party for my creative brain! Once I figure out who or what I’m painting and which colors I need, then I start to really get into the nitty-gritty of composition.

For me, art is all about tapping into that inner voice and letting it guide me towards something truly unique and special. I’m always excited to see what my intuition will come up with next!