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Luuk Leijtens

With a lot of energy, passion and excitement started with painting, making sculptures, installations and  on his way to many more adventure’s!

Luuk Leijtens

My Dutch identity quickly visualizes arrangement in form composition. In my creative process I take history as a matter that can be molded and molded. My themes are mainly focused on the present, because of my knowledge of history, I love to make connections. I see a lot of humor coming together with a direct message that refers to how the past can teach us something by somewhat understanding it in the now. Due to my obsessed interest in the classical masters, I am touching a fan of refined realistic painting and see myself frolicking in the future with this form of painting with an expressive design language in my themes and semi-figurative representations. For example, I am now developing myself in my technical figurative painting by taking realistic portrait painting lessons.

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