With a lot of energy, passion and excitement started with making paintings, 
sculptures, installations and on the way to many more!

About me

Luuk Leijtens

The power of both myth and art is this magical ability to open doors, to make connections,
not only between us and the natural world,
but between us and the rest of humanity.
Myths show us what we have in common with every other human being, 
no matter what culture we come from, no matter what century we live in… 
And at the same time, mythic stories and art celebrate our essential differences. – Alan Lee

Luuk Leijtens

I had a whole lot of fun being young in eastern Holland in the nineties. When I was fourteen my art teacher inspired me to become an art teacher and artist myself. As a student my main interest was making intuitive paintings and community art. Fascinated by the Atlas myth and the Flying Dutchman story, I made sculptures using these historical topics. In all my paintings I explore ways to communicate an certain feeling or image my intuition tells me to communicate. Since my graduating at Artez Institute of the Arts in Arnhem in 2017 focus on cosmic scenes just as human nature. For instance, men and women in space, in and out of balance. I make connections and visualize compositions. My creative process involves feelings, thoughts and humor. I explore all kinds of subjects. I expose all my (semi-)figurative representations for the benefit of all mankind. As an artist I am here to paint a world which is not directly visible for the naked eye, the world of ideas, the world of dreams, the things that don’t exist. That’s where my art goes about.

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